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Welcome to Lucy's Farm

We can't wait to see you


Located just 60 minutes north of Toronto. You will be there before you know it!

Come spend the day with us and create lasting memories! 



About Us

Healthy Earth is about creating harmony with Mother Nature for everyone’s benefit for people, animals, land, and for the future of our children. 

Discover and learn about how to be self-sustaining, farming, gardening, composting, water purification, and therapy through animals and nature towards creating a healthy earth!


In loving memory of founder Vera Del Vecchio who’s spirit remains and who made a difference in making our planet healthier and enriched the lives of all and the animals. You are missed and we will continue your legacy. 


Some Our Favorite Family Members

What People Are Saying About Lucy's Farm


This was an awesome experience! Got to see all the cute animals. Goats, Romeo the alpaca, chickens, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, horses etc.!! It was great to talk to Vera and lucy and learn about the farm and the animals. It was awesome to be able to hold and pet all the animals and feed them all. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a relaxing nice time with animals on a quiet farm!”


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