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Lucy's Farm

Fun Day Camp

Play. Laugh. Love.

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Give Yourself a Techy Holiday away from the craziness of the city and work!


Meet our Horses, Miniature horses, Goats, Chickens,

Bunnies, Ducks, Quails, Alpaca, Pot Belly Pig, Cats, Dogs, and Baby Animals!

Discover Petting and feeding up close experience with our special friendly farm animals. Meet the lady hens and collect farm fresh eggs. Play with the baby animals. Watch baby goats climb and play or have a snuggle or feed them. Animals can make you forget all about your problems and make you laugh. Our babies are naturally very cute, friendly, social, and curious. Walk and play with our animals.


Bring food if you wish and lets create a Family Picnic! (regulations no serving food)


Many people are disconnected with nature and animals, spending most of their day on their phones and technology. This is your chance to form a meaningful connection with life in the country and get to discover a relationship with nature and these wonderful animals. Your special time to recharge, relax and revitalize your Body, Mind and Spirit.


Meet New Friends, Feeding, Education, Excitement & Fun for Everyone!

Other things to note

Ask about getting close animals to gently introduce yourself. You may get a little dirty. Safety first - open palm feeding. SUPERVISION for safety always, No wondering on own. Please ask if you can come outside hours. No smoking or pets please.

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